Spacelight Magazine article - On Land and Sea

On Land and Sea

This month’s Spaceflight magazine from the British Interplanetary Society features a detailed article, On Land And Sea, from our Executive Director, Paul Williams, explaining the reasoning behind our sea-based launch system – our mobile spaceport – and the benefits to the British space industry.

Land based launch sites are universal, but is there a better place for the UK to launch from? Land based spaceports create operational limitations due to geographical and weather-related issues. The seaborne spaceport offers a flexible and efficient solution to allow launches to all available trajectories, with a heightened mitigation for weather and increased responsiveness. Myriad additional operational benefits are also clear, notably regarding security and safety, and these are inherent to remote, self-contained and ultimately mobile launch facilities.

Seaborne spaceports, operating vehicles and launch and range systems designed to be used within associated conditions (salt water spray, seaborne recovery, active vehicle guidance, etc.) can neutralise and mitigate many of the reliability disadvantages associated with operating from the UK. In addition, the remote nature of the seaborne operation lends itself to heightened levels of security, and population and infrastructure safety, while reducing or avoiding risk and environmental effects.

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