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Black Arrow “Return To Flight”

Black Arrow Launches On the 50th Anniversary of the first successful British rocket launch, the Black Arrow name is reinvigorated as Black Arrow Space Technologies starts up in business. Black Arrow Space Technologies is a new British company developing spaceflight technologies designed to launch satellites into orbit.  Black Arrow unique offer is their seaborne launch system – commercial rockets launched …

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Black Arrow commits to Race to Zero

Black Arrow Space Technologies has committed to the UN Race to Zero campaign, through the SME Climate Hub, helping small businesses reduce their carbon emissions and providing climate solutions to contribute to climate change action in society.  With adopting design and operational options now, we have a clear roadmap to achieve NetZero, (i.e. minimising greenhouse gas emissions and/or ensuring that …

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Interview on Astro Radio Earth

Listen to an extended chat with Paul Williams, Director of Black Arrow Space Technologies, on internet radio station Astro Radio Earth when he discusses our plans for ship based launches with the panel, including some of Paul’s music choices.

Interview with CEO Paul Williams

Listen to a detailed interview with our CEO, Paul Williams, with YouTuber The Angry Astronaut, as they discuss our plans for UK based rocket development; port facilities in Port Talbot, South Wales; and seaborne launches to orbit.

The UK’s Commercial Spaceports

A very useful summary from @TerezaPultarova at @SPACEdotcom of the UK’s proposed spaceport offerings – including @BlackArrowSpace and our seaborne launch platform to be based in Port Talbot, South Wales.

Launch Services from Port Talbot, South Wales

The new Space Industry Regulations come before Parliament today, 24 May, paving the way for a UK-based space launch industry. Black Arrow Space Technologies will be operating our seaborne launch platform, our space ship, from Port Talbot in South Wales from as soon as 2023, creating skilled jobs in Wales and across the UK and providing the space industry with …

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On Land and Sea

This month’s Spaceflight magazine from the British Interplanetary Society features a detailed article, On Land And Sea, from our Executive Director, Paul Williams, explaining the reasoning behind our sea-based launch system – our mobile spaceport – and the benefits to the British space industry. Land based launch sites are universal, but is there a better place for the UK to …

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Launch UK: A Guide to the UK’s Commercial Spaceports

The UK Space Agency has published a new brochure – Launch UK:  A Guide to the UK’s Commercial Spaceports – which describes the numerous advantages of launching from the UK, and the great strengths of the UK space industry. The solution is recognised as a legitimate launch option by both the DfT and CAA in the new Space Industry Regulations …

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There’s 170 Others …

The race to produce greater launch (Access to Space) capacity, to service the current and planned rapid growth in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) spacecraft, is heating up. Once considered the bastion of institutional operators (Governments, Agencies) and billionaires, i.e. those willing and able to absorb high initial development risks and costs, up to a point where non-recurring costs diminish and …

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Freeports: Satellite Launch Start-Up Eyes Job Creation

The presence of a Freeport in South Wales would serve as a hub for innovation and help drive job creation, according to the Chief Executive of a start-up developing spaceflight technologies designed to launch satellites into orbit. Freeports are set to be created across the nation to help drive Britain’s post-Brexit growth. The UK Government said it is working with …