This week is the 48th Anniversary of Britain’s last satellite launch. To mark this, we have published our first newsletter. Arrow Flyers is aimed mainly at undergraduates and postgraduates as there is much interest in the University community in Black Arrow and working with us to develop our launcher system and associated technologies. We hope the Newsletter will also be of interest to the wider space community.

The Newsletter includes an introduction from our Chief Executive Paul Williams. Our WISE (Women in Space Engineering) Ambassadors, who attended some key trade exhibitions recently, share their thoughts. There are also updates on our progress. There will be plenty more updates in future editions of the Newsletter.

Download the Newsletter here:


  1. Hi I feel I must make a comment although 77 years of age and now retired the news of your uk space programme fills me with absolute pride,at long last some effort is being made to demonstrate to the world what we as a nation can achieve when we make positive use of our engineering technical ability.
    I believe you have the right attitude and given financial backing you will succeed, we have in the past made a impact on the world stage by developing new ideas and creating commercial success by being bold good luck to you all best regards G. DAINTREE

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